I want do develop a complete web application, and I want to code it using Mason, which is a powerful templating system for generating dynamic content.

I already have some experience with the previous version (Mason1, which was called HTML::Mason) but the new version is quite different – even if the author guarantees that the philosophy is intact:


Mason2 takes advantage of some modern perl features like “Moose” which, I must admit, are still a little obscure to me. But not enough obscure to scare me!

Why this blog? Here I want to blog what’s going on, what I’m learning, my tries and my mistakes. The project I’m working on is not completed yet, this means that I won’t follow a defined logic and it also means that I still don’t know how this project will end, and if it will actually end.

Even if I know cannot consider myself a perl expert, I feel more like a perl “artist”, I can make some nice and creative works. I know that my code is sometimes “sloppy” and imperfect, however I always like to improve and learn how to code better. The more elegant a solution is, the happier I am!

Since I’m always busy on my current work (databases, reportings, data analysis, and other funny stuff like this), my hobbies (music, travels, hiking), my wife and my son, I decided to start this blog to keep track of what I’ve done.

This blog will surely help me remember what I’ve done so far, and could also help others working on similar projects, but since I’m going to do huge mistakes and/or disasters, please don’t consider it as a bibile.

Let’s start!