Mason comes with some built-in filters that can be used to process portions of content in a component. The standard way to invoke a filter is in a block:

    % $.Trim \{\{
        This string will be trimmed
    % \}\}
    # end Trim

but filters can appear also inside a <% %> tag:

<% $content | NoBlankLines,Trim %>

More details can be found at the official Mason::Manual::Filters page. Here’s how to create a custom filter:

package MyApp::Filters;
use Mason::PluginRole;
method Upper () {
    return sub { uc($_[0]) }
method Lower () {
    return sub { lc($_[0]) }

I wanted to use a custom filter that converts Markdown text to HTML, so I installed the Text::Multimarkdown module and I created a filter like this:

package MyApp::Filters;
use Mason::PluginRole;
use Text::MultiMarkdown qw(markdown);

method Markdown () {
    my $m = Text::Markdown->new;
    return sub { markdown($_[0]) }


which I put in lib/MyApp directory. Then I tried it in a page:

  with 'Markdown::Filters';

## Markdown

This page is written using **markdown** syntax:

- it's using the `Text::MultiMarkdown` library
- it's a lot of fun
- `Mason2` is great!
" | Markdown

another way using the block invocation syntax:

  with 'Markdown::Filters';

<h1>Let's try the block invocation syntax</h1>

% $.Markdown \{\{
## Do tables work?

id | description
01 | begin at the beginning
02 | go on till you come to the end
03 | then stop

yes `MultiMarkdown` supports tables as well.
% \}\}

one more way is to use a Base component, telling to process all inner components with Markdown:

  with 'Markdown::Filters';

<%augment wrap>
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="/static/css/style.css">
      <title>Mason and Markdown</title>
% $.Markdown \{\{
      <% inner() %>
% \}\}

then your page can contain just Markdown syntax, here’s an example page (an empy line at the beginning seems to be needed here):

# Only Markdown

This page will only contain Markdown syntax, but it will be converted to HTML:

% foreach my $i (qw(one two three)) {
  - <% $i %>
% }

yes you can still use perl code on it!