I finally managed to open a repository on GitHub:


so I don’t have to document here on this blog all the small changes I’m making to the code, but I will still document the bigger changes, and there are going to be a lot!

Btw, I added some code for groups and apps management:

  • Users belongs to one or more groups
  • Apps belongs to one or more groups
  • Apps are visible only to users that belongs to the groups associated to the app
  • An administrator can see everything

Sentosa AutoForms

Sentosa AutoForms will be published as http://localhost:5000 during the development process (or anywhere else like http://local-intranet/sentosa) and it will provide access to one or more “web applications”.

A “web application” is composed by forms, subforms, and datatables liked together, and has one or more groups associated to it. Users belonging to those groups have access to the app (at a later time we can specify more detailed permission, e.g. rear-write or read-only for every single object, or we can also specify filters based on the group or on the user, but we’ll see that later).

The sample app “gardens” will be accessible as http://localhost:5000/gardens (or http://local-intranet/sentosa/gardens).

A form of the app will be accessible as http://localhost:5000/gardens/flowers (it will be redirected somehow to http://localhost:5000/form?id=234). A datatable of the app will be accessible as http://localhost:5000/gardens/ (it will be redirected somehow to http://localhost:5000/table?id=234 and the JSON driving the table will be http://localhost:5000/table_json?id=234).

Bootstrap Admin Template

Here on my machine I’m using a Bootstrap Admin Template that I bought from Themeforest, it’s only a few dollars but it feels and looks great. Unfortunately, since it’s not free, I cannot include it on my public project.

I’m really looking forward to implement some new code, about forms and about tables, I have something almost ready already! But what I’m going to do now is to try some free Bootstrap Templates (maybe from startbootstrap.com?). Even if I’m focusing on coding in Perl/Mason, working on a nice looking web app is more fun than working with a ugly interface.