I just started to publish my Sentosa web portal and users of my company are now starting to use it. Great!

I wanted to add a service on my CentOS server and I wanted to manage it with Systemd.

First I created a /etc/systemd/system/sentosa.service file that contains:

Description=Sentosa Autoforms

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/plackup -E production --port 5001 --access-log /var/www/apps/sentosa/logs/access.log /var/www/apps/sentosa/bin/app.psgi

the app.psgi is the standard file from GitHub, I just disabled the debug mode.

Now I can start, restart, stop my service with:

systemctl start sentosa.service
systemctl restart sentosa.service
systemctl stop sentosa.service

And I can monitor the tail of the logs with:

journalctl -u sentosa.service -f