Okay I know already that the code I’m going to post here is quite a big mess: it will work under some circumstances but it’s buggy and insecure. I will update this post as soon as I figure out how to make this code better (expecially the UserSession part).

Users tables

Users go to the af_users table, where the password is stored as clear text. Even if that’s bad practice it’s easy to fix and it’s not the issue here… there are bigger problems!

CREATE TABLE `af_users` (
  `id` integer primary key autoincrement,
  `username` varchar(200) NOT NULL,
  `password` varchar(200) NOT NULL

Then I’m creating a Sentosa::Users package that contains functions to manage users. At the moment it’s like this:

package Sentosa::Users;
use Poet::Moose;
extends 'Poet::Import';

use Poet qw($dbh);

sub auth_user {
  my ($u, $p) = @_;
  my $ar = $dbh->selectall_arrayref(
    "SELECT id, username, password
    FROM af_users
    WHERE username=? AND password=?",
    {Slice => {}},

  if ($ar->[0]->{username} eq $u) {
    return $ar->[0]->{id};
  return undef;


then I will add change password, groups managements, or other useful funcions.

Sessions table

Here’s where I should do some improvements otherwise it’s easy to hack cookies and get a working session without the need of getting authenticated.

Sessions goes in the af_sessions table:

CREATE TABLE `af_sessions` (
  `auth_user_id` INTEGER,
  `auth_ts` timestamp DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

and the Sentosa::UserSessions package is like this:

package Sentosa::UserSessions;
use Poet::Moose;
extends 'Poet::Import';

use Poet qw($dbh);

sub session_is_valid {
  my ( $sid ) = @_;

  if (defined $sid) {
    my $ar = $dbh->selectall_arrayref("SELECT id, auth_user_id FROM af_sessions WHERE id=? AND auth_ts>=datetime('now', '-30 minute')", {Slice => {}}, $sid);

    if ($ar->[0]->{id} eq $sid) {
      # TO DO: Big Warning - this is UNSAFE - need to perform some extra checks!
      return $ar->[0]->{auth_user_id};
  return undef;

sub add_session {
  my ($nid) = @_;
  my $sth = $dbh->prepare("INSERT INTO af_sessions (auth_user_id) VALUES (?)");
  return $dbh->last_insert_id("", "", "af_sessions", "id");


Authentication: Base.mp

On base.mp I’m checking if username and passwords are provided. If they are I will call auth_user to see if they are correct, and if they are I will create a new session.

Then I will check the provided session (if any) to see if it’s still valid (here’s some extra work is required) and if it is not expired. Here’s the final code, but I know already that I should move some parts outside in a proper package:

use Sentosa::Users;
use Sentosa::UserSessions;

has 'username';
has 'password';
has 'authenticated_user';

has 'title';

method wrap() {
  if ($.username || $.password) {
    $.authenticated_user( Sentosa::Users::auth_user( $.username, $.password ) );
    if (defined $.authenticated_user) {
      $m->session->{auth_id} = Sentosa::UserSessions::add_session($.authenticated_user);
    } else {
      $m->session->{auth_id} = undef;



Okay I’m not too proud of this code, I know it’s not high quality, but at least I could move on and see my application working. I’ll come back to this code at a later time.